When You’re in the Pit, Look Forward to Your New Song


There are sure methods you’ll be able to inform you’re getting old. From knees that audibly creak whilst I first stroll throughout the flooring within the morning to a brand new wrinkle I spotted on my face final month, there’s no denying it.

While making an attempt to discover a few music on Alexa recently, I learned that the songs from my previous have a tendency thus far me as well. I used to assume of “oldies” simply due to the fact the tunes my folks listened to whilst they have been teenagers, once more within the 50’s and 60’s. However, thinking that I went by my teen years throughout the 80’s, my music can even also just now be seen “oldies” as well, exceptionally to my very own teenage daughters. Somehow that hurts!!

Today I needed to seem to be at how we are able to get a brand new song. Maybe life has tired us of our vintage song. Trials and difficulties ought to also be holding our voices silent. But no matter track we’ve had within the past, or how quiet our soul feels today, God can provide us a brand new one.

This passage from Psalm 40 talks about getting that new song

“I waited patiently for the Lord; and he susceptible unto me, and heard my cry. He introduced me up also out of an terrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my ft upon a rock, and dependent my goings. And he hath positioned a brand new track in my mouth, even reward unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall belief within the Lord.” ~Psalm 40:1-3

1. It begins with waiting.
There it is, y’all. It appears inescapable, that patiently ready facet that’s so tough to do in our flesh. We desire right-now answers and prompt relief. But David says he waited patiently. He didn’t get annoyed with delays or frightened concerning the troubles in entrance of him. He was calm, and didn’t complain. Ouch! I’ll confess that my ready doesn’t at all times seem to be like that.

2. We name out to the Lord.
In our waiting, we cry out to God. Yes, He already is aware of our situation. But whilst we come to the location the position we realize that we’d like His deliverance, we are able to seem to be as much as Him and search His help.

3. The pit is horrible.
Your pit ought to also be other than mine. The pit ought to also be divorce, sickness, a misplaced friendship, a rebellious child, thwarted dreams, monetary troubles, activity failure, a terminal diagnosis, or a dying within the family. It ought to be a dirty, muddy, sticky location in life that we desperately have to be rescued from.

4. God can provide us.

In this life and for eternity, merely God can keep us. Not merely does He carry us up out of the pit, but He also places us on a agency foundation. He units us on a trail once more to safety.

5. He places the brand new track in our mouth.
As he lifts us out of the pit to a location of safety, God provides us a brand new track to sing. No subject what our vintage track was, we have now a brand new one. God has as soon as once more been faithful. And this leads proper into the subsequent one.

6. The new track is all about praising Him.
The pit was tough and darkish and deep, but God rescued us. No subject what we simply got here through, He is worth of our praise.

7. Our new track is a testimony to others.
God introduced us up. We waited, we called, He delivered. We can use our pit trip to educate others about trusting Him. As we’re willing, God can use what we went by to glorify Himself.

Whether you’re within the waiting, within the pit, or up on ideal of the rock, know that God provides the brand new song. And remember, this new song…it’s a track that we wouldn’t have got with out the ready and the pit. It’s even sweeter simply due to the fact we rely what we got here by to get the song. The studying to wait, to trust, and to obey makes the brand new track a candy melody that glorifies God and testifies to others.

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