When an Introvert Went to a Wedding Reception Alone


Have you ever taken a personality test?

I hear so so much about them these days. Frequently, on podcasts I pay attention to, the host or friends will proudly proclaim that they’re an Enneagram 7 or an ENFP. And I’m absolutely a fan of finding out no longer merely what personality sort you are, but in addition the personality types of these round you.

Better realizing our children’s personalities has guided my husband and I as we train and discipline them. We know that one daughter responds finest to clear, direct communication. She doesn’t care about a tender approach, nor does she have time for long-winded explanations.

While I’ve taken a personality experiment before, I didn’t need one to inform me that I’m an introvert. I take pleasure in being round people, but I recharge through means of having alone time. And while it involves getting into new social situations, I should drive myself out of my remedy zone.

Now, if you’re an extrovert, you will no longer relate to something on this post, but possibly it’s going to supply you perception into how the relaxation of us feel!

If we’re going to a social event, most of us discover that it’s going to be extra relaxing if an individual we all know goes to be there. There’ll be an individual to speak to, and we won’t awkwardly stand round watching lonely. And that’s all nice and good.

But often nice issues occur while I’m slightly uncomfortable.
Several months ago, I attended a marriage ceremony with my daughters. There was a quite enormous crowd, and we knew a few of the guests. When it got here time for the sit-down dinner reception, my ladies cut up off with friends, and I was on my own.

By the time I got my meals from the buffet line, a lot of the tables have been full. In the enormous room, I didn’t desire to wander round seeking an individual I knew in hopes that there was an empty seat at their table.

I spotted a desk with a number of empty chairs, and simply sat down through means of myself. On impulse, I brought myself to the girl on my left. She was a chum of the groom, was from out-of-state, and we ended up having probably some of the foremost exciting conversation!

This lady was an fundamental faculty trainer (which I used to be). She also occurred to be from the edge the place I attended college. We talked and talked about all types of things, and didn’t depart the desk till it was time to claim farewell to the newly married couple!

That entire trip was a blessing! It reminded me that I must be extra intentional about stepping out of my remedy zone. (By the way, this placed up isn’t in any respect meant to gloat on myself! Most of the time I get so self-focused that I neglect about making an attempt to bless anybody else.)

Sometimes, if I know I’m going suitable into a difficulty like that, I attempt to be counted to pray and ask God to lead me to simply the proper user He would have me have interaction with. It may appear like a small request. However, I trust that God will placed me within the trail of an individual I can fellowship with. Even while of us I know are around, it’s a blessing to attain out and make a brand new friend.

So the subsequent time we introverts head suitable into a brand new social situation, let’s ask God to lead us within the place to sit or who to speak to. This incident made me desire to be extra aware of noticing an individual who doesn’t appear to have anybody to speak to. Rather than focusing on my very own pleasure, I can see if there’s a user local who may use some conversation.

You through means of no means know while you will make a brand new pal ~ and get a blessing for your self within the process.
Then we glance at ourselves, breaking up fights among our youngsters as we throw peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches suitable into a plastic grocery bag for our kids’ faculty lunches. Dirty dishes are piled excessive within the sink as we herd everybody to the car. The laundry basket is overflowing, we’re riding to faculty in our pajamas, and the merely workout deliberate for as we speak is scrubbing the shower.

We may assume that different mom has all of it together, but I can really so so much ensure that’s no longer the case. Her life, from the outside, may glance perfect, but she’s doubtless struggling, in some way, as we are.

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